V i s i o n

To create furniture that inspire, and give joy to the person who buys the item is the driving force of Bagge Design. With “less is more” as the lead phrase, Stefan Bagge designs each piece through his non-complicated, minimalistic way of expression where many of the well thought through details may not be apparent at first glance, yet always present as an essential part of each piece. 

I n s p i r a t i o n

Stefan Bagge, an artist whose creative foundation is a mix of music and design, two different forms of communication expressing the same vision. An early interest in furniture was sparked from spending time at his aunt’s antique store in Stockholm as a teenager. While traveling to visit antiquemarkets around the country in search for new items for the store, his eye for detail, combined with a curiosity of how things were constructed, brought on an early desire to design and build his own furniture.

T h e  B a g g e  B r a n d

To further develop his interest in furniture design, Stefan started to work in what at the time was one of the top furniture design stores in Stockholm. From the experience, his knowledge of how the different pieces were built, what made an item what it was and the importance of function and quality grew to the point where his interest for creating his own collection, with focus on form, function and quality, found its path forward. From there the tours have been many. His continuous involvement with writing and producing music and playing the creative lead in different furniture design projects eventually lead to a design collaboration with VW when Stefan and his brother, music producer Anders Bagge, together put the Bagge family’s DNA on a special edition the VW Beetle in 2013. 

 A total of thirty of the “Bagge Beetle” were built, all of which were sold within a week.